Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Louisiana

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Matt Kiggins
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May 31, 2023

Louisiana offers ten standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plans. These Medigap policies help cover extra costs such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance not covered by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B).

  • Of the ten plans available in 2023, Cigna offers the best Medicare Supplement Plan G rate at $138 per month for the most comprehensive coverage.
  • We also found Cigna offers the best Medicare Supplement Plan N rates at $98 per month; for those that want the best monthly value without compromising coverage.
  • Aetna has the best price for High Deductible Plan G at $50 which provides the lowest plan premium available. There is a deductible of $2,700 that needs to be met before this plan's coverage takes effect.

Below are some Medicare Supplement plan benefit highlights as well as the companies that offer the best prices.

Best Plan G:

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan G

  • Cigna Plan G offers extensive coverage to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • It covers many out-of-pocket costs except the deductible for Medicare Part B.

Choosing Plan G offers several key advantages:

  • Comprehensive benefits include coverage for Part B excess charges, Medicare Part A deductible, and Part B coinsurance.
  • No referrals are required.
  • Freedom to see any medical provider willing to accept Original Medicare.

Monthly Plan Costs: $138

*Plan prices based on a 65 year old non smoking female living in zip code 70001 Louisiana.

Best Plan N:

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan N

  • If you're looking for an affordable plan with lower premiums than Cigna Medicare Plans F or G, then Medicare Plan N is the perfect choice. It provides a reliable solution to get quality coverage at an affordable cost.

Plan N offers a multitude of advantages, such as but not limited to:

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • $0 Part A deductible
  • Foreign travel emergency healthcare
  • Maximum $20 copay for office visits
  • Maximum $50 copay for an ER visit (waived if admitted)

Out of Pocket Expenses:

  • Must pay Part B deductible
  • Must pay Part B excess charges
  • Must pay copays for office visits and ER visits

Monthly Plan Costs: $98

*Plan prices based on a 65 year old non smoking female living in zip code 70001 Louisiana.

Best High Deductible Plan G:

Aetna High Deductible Medigap Plan G

  • Aetna High Deductible Plan G comes with an annual deductible of $2,700 that you must pay before the coverage begins. Nevertheless, it offers all the same benefits as Medicare Plan G. By selecting a plan with a high deductible, you can significantly reduced your monthly premiums compared to Medicare Plan G.

Monthly Plan Costs: $50

*Plan prices based on a 65 year old non smoking female living in zip code 70001 Louisiana.

Best Full Coverage

Cigna Medicare Supplement Plan F

  • Cigna Medicare Plan F is the most comprehensive coverage available, covering the Part A deductible, Medicare Part B deductible and all coinsurances. To be eligible for this plan however, you must have enrolled in Original Medicare prior to January 1st 2020.

Monthly Plan Costs: $149

*Plan prices based on a 65 year old non smoking female living in zip code 70001 Louisiana.

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What's the Best Medicare Supplement Company in Louisiana?

Based on our review of several key factors, Cigna is the best Medicare Supplement company in Louisiana.

While Cigna Medigap plans tend to be more affordable in Louisiana, it's not the only factor when selecting the best Medicare Supplement company. For example, depending on your plan letter of choice, one provider might offer Plan N at a lower cost but may be pricier for Plan G; every insurer has its own set of advantages and drawbacks depending on their levels of coverage.

For this reason, Cigna remains our top selection during the review process due to its affordability, expansive range of plan choices, household premium discounts, and high customer satisfaction rates.

This chart compares different Medicare Supplement companies to Cigna that are also available in Louisiana, including sample premiums, ratings, and market share:


Market share: 5.44%

Plan G cost: $138

Plan N cost: $98

Financial strength: A

Mutual of Omaha

Market share: 12.54%

Plan G cost: $156

Plan N cost: $116

Financial strength: A+


Market share: 9.90%

Plan G cost: $150

Plan N cost: $106

Financial strength: A

United Healthcare

Market share: 21.48%

Plan G cost: $135

Plan N cost: $121

Financial strength: A

For illustrative purposes only: The premiums listed are for a 65-year-old female, non-smoker from a local zip code. Many insurance companies offer household discounts - eligibility for premium discounts can be determined when enrolling in a plan. The AM Best rating determines the financial rating of each carrier. No warranties or guarantees of any kind have been expressed.

How Much Does a Medigap Plan Cost in Louisiana?

The best price for Medicare Supplement Plan G in Louisiana is $138 per month with Cigna.

Your age and plan choice will have the most significant impact on your premium.

Here you can see how the prices compare for several different plans:

Medigap Plan

Plan F

Plan G

Plan N

High Deductible G

Plan A

Plan K

Monthly Cost







Plan Popularity in Louisiana







Quotes are for sample purposes only. Prices are the average monthly rate in Louisiana for a 65-year-old female nonsmoker. Part B start date and or medical underwriting may affect your rate.

When Can I Apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan?

The best time to buy a supplement plan in Louisiana is when you first become eligible for Medicare coverage. This is called your Medigap Open Enrollment Period.

  • Your OEP is a six-month period that starts the first month you're at least 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B. This period cannot be changed or repeated.
  • Disabled individuals under 65 have this same six-month window when they become eligible for Medicare. After that, they have another OEP when they turn 65.

Guaranteed Issue Rights

The reason it's critical to join a supplement plan during Open Enrollment is because you have guaranteed issue rights.

Under guaranteed issue, insurers can't:

  • Deny you coverage
  • Charge you more based on health history
  • Exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions

Once you're past your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, private insurance companies can require you to go through underwriting. They can charge higher monthly premiums based on pre-existing conditions. They can also refuse your application altogether.

Special Enrollment Periods

Life events can change your situation; under certain circumstances, you can get guaranteed issue rights through special enrollment.

Here are a few circumstances that qualify you for special enrollment:

  • Retiring from group coverage
  • Losing a Medicare Advantage plan
  • Moving out of the plan's service area

For most beneficiaries buying a Medigap policy in Louisiana, the one they initially choose is the one they'll keep for a lifetime. However, our licensed insurance agents can help you compare plans and pricing to find the policy that fits your needs now and in the future.

And remember, you must stay enrolled in Medicare Part A and B and pay your Part B premium to remain enrolled in a Medigap plan.

Birthday Rule:

In Louisiana, beneficiaries have the chance to change their Medigap plan to another supplement plan of equal or lesser value (from the same carrier) each year. This birthday period lasts from 30 days before your birthday to 63 days after your birthday every year. Your new policy must go into effect within 90 days of your birthday to be valid.

Ready to Learn More?

We help educate Medicare beneficiaries on their Medigap options and help them go through the process of reviewing and comparing plans. We work with some of the nation's top-rated Medigap carriers. So give us a call today, or request a quote online to learn more about Aetna Medicare Supplement plan G and Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan G in your state.


The average monthly premium for a Medigap plan in Louisiana is $50 - $180 monthly. The cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Louisiana can vary based on factors like the plan type and the individual's age and location.

Aetna and Cigna are two of the most popular Medigap providers in Louisiana. Both have a long history of providing reliable coverage to members across the state.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the best plan for comprehensive benefits. This plan helps fill in the gaps of Original Medicare to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare services like hospital stays, doctor visits, emergency care, and more.

You can change your plan anytime but might be subject to health questions. You can bypass health underwriting during three windows; your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, special circumstances qualifying you for guaranteed issue rights, or using the Louisiana birthday rule.

You can not be denied if you qualify for guaranteed issue rights, are in your open enrollment period, or if you can utilize the Louisiana Birthday Rule. Insurers can require underwriting, charge more, or deny coverage if these do not apply to you.

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